a. Cartoon Character Creation

Research Tech Solutions is a Advertisement company having experienced Cartoon Character Designers with over 20 years of experience and build a very strong portfolio comprising known corporate clients. It’s a fashion now-a-days in industry to make ads with cartoon characters. You might have seen many companies have their own cartoon character for branding. Good cartoon character development is essential to the success of your business, product, book or web site.

Cartoon character creation is not that simple as we all think of, it take a lot of time and excellence to depict our imagination into perfect character. The making process of cartoon will include, first the ideation, what the client think and tell us how its character would look. After that we will make several sketches and get approved the final design from you. Then on approval we would take the character to final artwork incorporating any corporate colors.

Cartoon characters mostly have different traits alike humans. Our artists here fuse qualities into the character, making him/her human-like and identifiable to the viewers

Cartoon characters are the best ways to advertise and do branding for your company, as its cheapest way like if you hire any celebrity or bollywood star for your branding its quite expensive and take time to manage things. Instead once the character is made will be lifetime for your business and will create a face for your company.

No matter what style or type of business you are, you'll really appreciate our creativity and deep understanding of using cartoon imagery to deliver business goals. Below are some cartoon character design examples:

{Here some characters made by company will be placed}

b. Story Board

Storyboards are powerful tools that help you to depict the story of your branding or say message about the company in very sensible way through cartoon characters, animation. So for such a perfect thing, you will need perfect team. We here at Research Tech Solutions have experts having extensive experience in the field and highly creative approach to produce high quality products that will be useful throughout production.

Every client have different needs and require the storyboard creation according to their requirements, so we have different categories for storyboards like one is just with the whole illustration and another one is using cartoon characters just like comic.


Below is the process of how we execute on the production to deliver your final project:


First and foremost we understand Your Video Script


First draft will be sent to you, in sketch form


Implementing changes if any and getting approval


Digitizing the Storyboard


Quality Checks performed


Final copy is ready.


If you require storyboard services for your efforts, contact us today to learn more about what we can offer for you. Below are some cartoon character design examples:

{Here storyboard made by company will be placed}

c. Digital Stickers / Emoji

Emoticons | Emoji or Digital stickers are the small cute images made for communication. Use of emoticons has become really popular these days. Creating those stickers is not at all an easy task. Companies need emoticons for better communication and brand building. Facebook found appropriate emoji creation artists in 2 years.

Not only design, culture dependency across various cultures has to be very clear while creating emoticons. Emoji discovered tremendous accomplishment among iPhone clients right around 10 years after the fact, when a client presented guidelines on how on introduce Emoji consoles to cell phones, setting off a swarm of Emoji applications in the iTunes store—and the rest is history.

d. Animation

You are doing everything to boost up your website traffic, but you still are not getting the conversion you hoped for. Why not? Animation is the answer. With the increasing demand of animation, Research Tech Solutions exhibit its experience with the animation services by creating amazing next to real characters and clips.

Leading with the well equipped expert’s team we create world class animation projects and fulfill the requirement of clients on contrary. Our company is well known for animation, and its popular projects in market. We provide 2D, 3D animation. From concept to overview, we can bring anything paper design or just raw designs to life. Research Tech Solutions having years of experience can create a 3D animation or presentation of any idea or design still on the drawing board or just difficult to describe with words.