a. Sound and Music Recording

Research Tech Solutions is a modern recording Designs in every sense, including from just simple sound recording/ground up to exceptionally high-quality recording, we are also proficient in mixing and mastering. We at Research Tech Solutions have engineers with years of experience in the same domain and work excellent with no bar of expertise. We have a multiformat recording Designs with Latest equipment, microphones, pianos, and acoustically tunable Designs design with which we deliver the client on estimated time under budget.

Our state-of-the art digital facility is complemented by high definition technology and Designs microphones like: mAudio Profire 2626 High-Definition 26-in/26-out FireWire Audio Interface with Octane Preamp Technology and Behringer B-2 Pro Dual-Diaphragm Designs Microphone etc.

We offer a scope of recording services as below:

  • Music Recording: All types of music are recorded here in Research Designs with attractive packages to reflect the exact project requirements at affordable budgets.
  • Sound Mixing: The sound mixing service is also provided by us. The sound mixing process will give life to the voice in an ultimate way.
  • Music Production: Exclusive support for recording artists, we offer to write, create, and produce music of various genres for a variety of purposes, including theme tunes, ad and TV music, web and radio jingles, audio books, etc.
  • Mastering: Mastering by our experts will take your tracks to a very different level. This is done by refining your tracks tonal balance and sonic depth.

Our expertise includes Voice dubbing for video or short film, Audio dubbing for documentaries, Audio dubbing for kids rhymes, Audio books recording, Music Tracks Recording, Animation voice over, Radio commercials recording etc.

You can have a look at our samples on portfolio page.

b. Video Recording / Short Films

We at Research Tech Solutions have professional expert in Corporate Video recording and making short film services. Now-a-days video ads and short film advertisement is almost must for every company, as companies want to promote their business & product to attract more customers to increase sale. We have an experienced team working on various projects simultaneously and delivering the best results in required budget on time.

We are also engaged in providing the complete solution in term of making documentary or short film. Short film as the name describe is small or short enough than that of a feature film. It’s a kind of ad film or message film through which we convey some message to public. Short film is "an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits". Research Tech Solutions is equipped with all the facilities and arrangements like trained man power to production and post production equipments.

Our Video Services

  • Commercial Presentation Video, Commercial Advertising Video Lecture
  • Conference Video Recording, Meeting Video Recording, Shooting Film
  • TV Serials, Shooting Documentary
  • Album, Portfolio Shoot, Animations
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Walkthru
  • Presentation Adds, Flash Presentation
  • E Learning Solution
  • Convert Book To CD
  • Web Casting Services
  • Web Streaming Services
  • Online Classes Services

c. Music Production

Do you dream about your own song written and wanted it be created with professionals? Or you have created one but it’s not the output you thought of? Then you are at the right place.

We here at Research Tech Solutions will take your basic demo, and our team of professionals will work on your project, analyze the same & edit using only the highest-quality pro-level synth and sample software sounds and experienced musicians provide best quality music production.

So what are you waiting for, record your music in an environment designed by musicians, for musicians.

d. Voice Over

Research Tech Solutions dubs the voice in different languages. We here overdub the new language with the original. In dubbing primary language starts the video, the volume is lowered and the translated audio is played at the front. The recording time of both the languages is matched. We have a team of dubbing artists who have a rich experience in voice over and dubbing that comprises of translators, adaptors, dubbing artists, recordists and directors; you can rest assured of a high quality, lively dubbed output. Dubbing services can be availed for e-learning, training modules, ad films, documentaries etc.

Here you will get all solutions related to voice over and dubbing. You just have to simply hand over your video to be dubbed in the original language, and our team will deliver the same video in required language at time.

e. Jingle Production

Research Tech Solutions is the best in the industry for Jingle Production. We have experienced experts, having years of experience in the same domain and some youth too, having modern knowledge and tech update. So if you are looking for traditional jingle sound or Jingles with the modern touch, we have a producer that suits your style.

Jingles are the songs which we are hearing since childhood and remember whole life. They are very effective and instantly make space in people mind. Jingle production is the best way to advertise. Recent Studies indicate that jingles are 90 times more effective at generating brand recognition. . It is found that anything sung in the form of jingle stimulates the neural circular repetition. . It’s just like having soft music in background and singing the brand message along with.

f. Video Editing & VFX

Do you have raw video which needs to be edited? Are you in search of how to make your video great looking, having good sound for your website, social media, and email marketing campaigns that too fully integrated with the quality, tone, and polish of your brand?. Then no doubt you landed at the right page. Video editing is the process of editing segments from video footage to create a new completed video. We have a staff of highly experienced, business-centered experts ready to change your raw footage into a We have a staff of experienced, business-centered editors prepared to change your raw footage into a final project you desired.

We here at Research Tech Solutions provide best video editing in geographical region. With complete in-house Designs edit serves its client in video editing best in area. We are specialized in High-Definition Video Editing for Ad Films, Documentary, Short Films, TV Shows, Corporate and Event Videos. Our highly qualified editors edit the full video incorporating sound, music, graphics and special effects.

Research Tech Solutions offers cutting edge VFX Solutions to through its state of the art VFX Designss in India. We have specialized artists and equipments for best VFX services. The VFX Solutions include Concept Design, Pre-Viz, Look Development, On-set Supervision, 3D Animation / CGI, Matte Painting and Compositing/ Finishing for 2D and stereoscopic feature film and TV projects.