a. Advertising Campaign

What comes in our mind whenever we are in search of something, some product or services?  The brand name obviously. Those have heard on FM, Radio or have been looking for years in TV ad or Newspaper, Hoarding etc. Advertising is not at all a rocket science, it’s just clear and simple truth, the truth that is all about winning consumers heart and make special space in their hearts, creating need to buy that product.

We here at Recharge Tech Solutions, have a great team of specialized experts, having years of experience. We offer creative advertising campaigns made according to your requirement and objective that too cost effective, time-bounding. At this advertising agency we transform products into brands.

Recharge Tech Solutions is an ad agency which never sticks to the same pattern and design while creating campaigns; we test over and think creatively every single time. Any ad agency has to evolve with time as people needs freshness and demand according to changing world. We are always ready to face the challenges of modern world and think out of the box. We believe that advertising is not just a measure of creative awareness, its lot more than that. Today an advertisement company laboriously works to create powerful ads that have a sense to communicate & connect with people, producing a positive image of the brand in their eyes. Recharge Tech Solutions works with the click, for the client 24*7.

b. Outdoor /OOH Media

OOH Advertising is called out of home advertising. What type of advertising comes under this? Here are some of them:

Billboards: Billboards are giant pictures on wall like Traditional roadside billboard or a digital billboard display.

Street furniture: Street furniture can be of many types like bus stops or bus shelters, Mall kiosks, News racks, Telephone booths etc.

Transits: This include mainly on busses, taxis, truck sides, subways, platforms, airport etc.

Alternative: This includes all other advertising methods like On-premise signs, Off-premise signs.

Strength of OOH: Broad reach, Low cost, Ability to target specific location, Low competition, Differentiation, Can make a big impact, All day exposure, have great future growth oppurtunities.

c. Flyer / Brochures

Recharge Tech Solutions knows very well that different businesses need different type of advertising strategies, but one advertising product is must for each and every business and that is Brochure.  That’s why our creative team of experts indulges good quality time while designing brochures for your business according to your requirements and objectives. The brochures will be designed in such a way that it will catch audience eyeball for sure.

Why Professional Brochure design?

Brochures and flyers are great approaches to advance your business, yet furthermore essential is having a decent outline that stands out enough to be noticed and gives them the data you most need them to think about you and your business. Our group of experienced Flyer designers can help you with outlining a unique and compelling flyer that inspires individuals to listen what you need to say.

d. Logo / Corporate Identity

Creation of logo is not that easy, that people thinks. Logo is the face of the brand; it has to be very clear yet simple so that viewers may understand what the company is about and what it does, it’s an identity of the company.  Also logo creation is more important as it must serve effective communication and usability.

At Recharge Tech Solutions, we know very well that every customer is unique and that the business logo design needs are also unique. We create 100% unique & original logo perfect for your business. 2-3 designers work on your project to give best designs.

Our distinguished Logo/Brand features:

  • Expressive for company identity/branding
  • Animation
  • Motion pictures
  • Represent able for your organization/brand/business
  • Banner advertisements
  • Cost-effective
  • User-friendly interface

e. Event Set Up/ Kiosk /Canopy / Mobile Van Design

We are fully equipped and experienced team to design and execute effective works and provide efficient events setup solutions which ensure success. Our expert team makes layout that depends and work according to products, needs, concepts, budgets, etc. Our Services Include - Kiosk Setups, Canopy Setups, Mobile van Designs, Setting up Points of Display etc.

Recharge Tech Solutions is one of the leading advertising agencies in India. Our team helps you to organize events that too cost effective. We sit and plan your event, what type of event will be good for your business, and have discussion rounds, will design the outlook, get approval from you, and then will make it happen-the execution will be done. Our event management services include a complete process of budgeting, event dates, selecting and reserving the event venue, coordinating transportation and parking, developing a theme or motive for the event etc.

f. POP Material and Visual Merchandising

Promotions and merchandising are major keys to the success of any business. Recharge Tech Solutions offers flexible custom solutions for Visual Projects and Special Events. We have a broad range of services available like POP material and Visual merchandising.  Our goal is to provide complete creative support for the production of your visual merchandising project.

Visual merchandising includes both the exterior designing and interior of the store.  There is lot to be done in visual merchandising as everything has to covered and designed perfectly. Interior  including displays and window dressings, colors, lighting, textures, flooring, props, signage, store layout and floor plans. Merchandise display, a critical facet of visual merchandising, includes designing, arrangements and how to display. The real capacity of display is to allure and illuminate customers, driving them toward the buy choice.

g. Presentations

Now-a-days every B2B deal is done using presentations. PowerPoint presentations have become a major factor in cracking deals every now and then overall business world is ruled by presentations. Every year no. of presentations are prepared, but the question is how much among them makes conversion or a great success. The presentation which convert viewer into customer has to be made and designed so professionally keeping the core thing all over. A good presentation can only support the presenter’s message but a great presentation can present the message itself.
Presentations are not just presentations, they are messages, they are business, and ultimately money.
We at Recharge Tech Solutions transform your ideas into visuals. Our company has team of experts having years of expertise in PPT. We deliver high quality professional presentations worth giving and converting for sure that too cost effective.


  • Experts in high-end presentations
  • We use Multimedia, voiceovers and graphical effects.
  • Experts in animation and interactivity
  • Faster turnaround

We have 3 types of presentation design treatments

  1. Brushup /  formatting
  2. Redesign / design
  3. Reconcept / redraw

h. Translation / Copywriting / Content Writing

The content writing is not at all easy task, as it should be unique and interacting, it should keep visitors engage. Ordering high quality content writing and translation services has never been so easy. Our expert team offers you quickly translated documents; localize websites content writing and copyright content.

Recharge Tech Solutions offers professional translation, web content writing and proofreading services. We have a huge satisfied customer portfolio, provided required result in budget on time. It’s not about pages we have to write, whether it’s a single page content writing or full website content writing, everything will be delivered according to you on time. Content writing will be done keeping SEO in the mind. In past years Google and other search engines have created various rules and filters so that the content of every website must be unique and fresh, it becomes hard for almost every company to update the content according to search engines, we do this for you.

Copywriting services can be used for:

  • Articles
  • Product descriptions
  • Blogs
  • Slogans
  • Catch phrases
  • Press releases
  • Classified

Translation or interpretation of content in various languages could be very good for your business in international markets you need to do some research and find out the area from where you can achieve more and more success and go for that area language, translation to that language will increase your business internationally. Recharge Tech Solutions is best in translation, whether few pages or whole website. Till date we have translated hundreds of pages for our client and served them with best language translations. We have different language experts for different area, having English as their native language.

Ordering our translation services ensures a worry free process. Out team of expert translators will read your content, will understand the same in original language and finally will translate to the targeted language in preferred voice, get client approval and fix the changes if there were any. You will get 100% guanine translation by our team.